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  yaosheng ceramics is a leading producer of high-quality porcelains for international retailers and museums throughout the globe. founded in 2000 by renowned artists h. leung and thomas leung, the company offers outstanding handcrafted traditional and contemporary ceramic designs.
  yaosheng is based in jingdezhen in northern china, the china capital of the world. recognized for the quality of its clay deposits since the chinese imperial kiln was built there in the 13th century, jingdezhen has been a ceramic arts center for the past 1,000 years. today, yaosheng employs master artisans trained in the region’s strong tradition of china craftsmanship to create its striking designs.
  available patterns include traditional blue-and-white, colorful yaobian vases created by multiple firings of metallic elements, detailed famille rosé pieces, lamps, tea sets, household items, and pottery based on museum displays and modern concepts. custom orders are also welcome, including corporate gifts, reproductions, and exclusive retail designs. our beautiful pieces are featured by leading organizations and institutions:
  ♦ williams-sonoma home
  ♦ the smithsonian
  ♦the boston museum of fine arts
  ♦the j. paul getty museum
  ♦the asian art museum of san francisco
  ♦and many others
  ♦yaosheng ceramics is a member of the u.s. museum store association.
  yaosheng ceramics has extensive experience in serving national and international buyers to provide volume and custom orders on time and on budget. the company has passed a factory audit by william e. connor associates for worldwide distribution - the first manufacturer in jingdezhen to reach this international standard - and meets all international safety standards. our multiple layers of quality control, packing and shipping experience, and background in conducting international business make yaosheng a reliable sourcing partner.
   for more information or to request a quote, please contact us at
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